2017 GHTA Committees 

Below is a list of our current committees and chairpersons. We are always looking to have individuals join us in our effort to strengthen the industry. If there's a committee you are interested in, or you have ideas you'd like to share, please email our Association Coordinator, Jillian, at  [email protected]

Gift & Home Trade Association Committees:

Membership Committee: Peter Schauben, Appelman Schauben (CHAIR); Nicholas Vafakas, and!Sales; Gretchen Kroll, Tripar International; Angela Schmook, Road Runners, LLC;
Diane Carnevale Jones, Carnevale Jones Group
Nominating Committee: Joe Harris, Whereoware (CHAIR), Allison Barrows, GANZ; Doug Cofiell, Ivystone Group; Meg Gilmore, Anne McGilvray & Co.; Michael Nieves, Paladone
Sponsorship Committee: ; Kelly Shiley, Mary Square (CHAIR); Gretchen Kroll, Tripar International
New Initiatives: John Toler, Evergreen Enterprises (CHAIR); Dylan Schauben, JGROB; Joe Harris, Whereoware
Young Gift Executives Committee: Dylan Schauben, JGROB Associates (CHAIR)
Futures Committee: Andy Bjork, Ivystone Group (CHAIR); Allison Barrows, GANZ; Gretchen Kroll, Tripar International; Lance Hart, DEMDACO; Dylan Schauben, JGROB; Michael Nieves, Paladone.

2017 Gift & Home Bridgeway Collaborative Conference Committees:

2017 Conference Chair: George Kacic, AmericasMart Atlanta and GHTA Vice President
Conference Committee: George Kacic, AmericasMart Atlanta (CHAIR); Allison Barrows, GANZ;  Jillian Lambert, Proxy Communications/GHTA; Lance Hart, DEMDACO; Peter Schauben, Appelman Schauben
Auction Committee: Jackie Moon, Next Step Reps (CHAIR); Joanne Rackow, Joanne & Co.; Raelee Reimold Walton, Road Runners, LLC; Jeannie Claire, and!Sales
Educational Content Committee: Joe Harris, Whereoware (CHAIR); Robin Kert, Southeast Marketing; Michael Nieves, Paladone; George Kacic, AmericasMart Atlanta; Brian Schroeder, Christian Brands; Jim Negen, Giftware News
Give Back Committee: Allison Barrows, GANZ (CHAIR); Lance Hart, DEMDACO; Deb Swisher, Creative Co-Op; Sande Womack, NEST; Jeanne Claire, and!Sales

If there's a committee you are interested in, or you have ideas you'd like to share, please email our Association Coordinator, Jillian at [email protected].